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2018 Calgary Guitar Show Exhibitors!

The Calgary Guitar Show features great guitars from boutique luthiers, builders and collectors - come see instruments, amplifiers, pedals, accessories and much, much more! Check out our 2017 Calgary Guitar Show Exhibitors here.


ArtRageous Designs

 Calgary Guitar Show Exhibitor

Astro Amps

 Calgary, Saskatoon Guitar Show Exhibitor
Astro Amps is a unique shop based in Calgary Alberta, specializing in quality used amplifiers and pedals. We have a passion to match the right gear with the right musician, and offer a interstellar selection of new, used and vintage amps and pedals.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AstroAmpsCalgary/
Phone: 403 690-5440

Bill Shekooley

 Edmonton, Regina, Saskatoon Guitar Show Exhibitor

Long time collector and founder of the Edmonton Guitar Show.



 Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Saskatoon Guitar Show Exhibitor
Known around the world as the company that put the "stomp" in "stompbox," BOSS is the division of Roland Corporation most easily recognized for its legendary line of colorful guitar and bass effects pedals. But beyond these killer pedals, BOSS has pushed the envelope for over 30 years with innovative multi-effects, rhythm machines, personal digital studios and other easy-to-use instruments for musicians of all types. Put simply, BOSS gives you the great-sounding tools you need to spend less time tweaking and more time playing.

Burlesk Custom Guitars

 Calgary Guitar Show Exhibitor
A guitar player and enthusiast since 1983 James was lead guitar for local Calgary band, Hoodwink from 1989 to 1993. James hot-rodded his first guitar in 1987 when I realized that none of the "off the shelf" axes suited his needs or, his budget. James designed his first “scratch” built guitar in 1994 and has been building and performing custom mod’s since.

Calgary Vintage Guitars

 Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Saskatoon Guitar Show Exhibitor
Based in Calgary Alberta Canada, we are a family operated business with over 20 years experience in collecting and selling vintage guitars. We also produce the annual Calgary Guitar Show.


 Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Saskatoon Guitar Show Exhibitor
ClearSonic Manufacturing Inc. is a world leading producer of American made transparent sound shields (ClearSonic Panels or CSP), acoustic absorption baffles (SORBER) and portable isolation booths (Isolation Booths and Amp Isolation). Clearsonic and Edmonton Guitar Show are sponsoring our show floor Isloation Booth.

Guitar OR

 Calgary Guitar Show Exhibitor
Making your stringed instrument the best for you! We offer a full line of Luthier services from the basic to the anything but basic. From acoustic and electric guitars to basses, banjos and mandolins. Any number of issues could be holding you back from your instrument playing its absolute best. If it has strings, we've worked on it.
Website: https://www.guitaror.ca/
Email: info@guitaror.ca
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/guitaror/
Phone: 403-253-9006

Happy Teardrops Custom Guitars

 Calgary, Saskatoon Guitar Show Exhibitor
Play. Happy. Happy Teardrops is a custom guitar company. Though we are constantly developing and producing new models, we specialize in custom guitars, contact us today to get started!

J Kent Handcrafted Instruments

 Calgary Guitar Show Exhibitor
Custom guitar and bass builder specializing in bolt-on necks and bodies. We'll also reinvent and revamp existing guitars and basses. We can take any basic bolt-on and transform it into a high-end instrument that will be worthy of a top player's hand, even Mexican Fender's and Squiers.

Kiss & Co. Guitar Parts

 Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Saskatoon Guitar Show Exhibitor
Jeff Kiss is a longtime collector and guitar player and resells from a vast inventory of new, used and vintage guitar parts.

Labyrinth Guitarworks

 Calgary, Edmonton Guitar Show Exhibitor
Guitars and basses individually crafted in Sylvan Lake, AB. Also offering set-ups and luthier services!

Leprechaun FX

 Calgary, Edmonton Guitar Show Exhibitor
Authorized dealer: Lava Cables. Dr Scientist. JHS. Fairfield Circuitry. Dwarfcraft. Devi Ever FX. Crowther Hotcakes.

Morgan Guitars

 Calgary, Edmonton Guitar Show Exhibitor
Handmade acoustic guitars - since 1985

Nanolog Audio Inc.

 Calgary, Edmonton Guitar Show Exhibitor
Lab coats by day, classic guitar tones by night. Nanolog Audio is the strange product of carbon molecular electronics and the desire for new and interesting sounds. Check out the WaveFunction Overdrive, a wave shaper overdrive pedal with a classic but distinctive voice and design, and a lot of tonal flexibility.

R Guitars

 Calgary Guitar Show Exhibitor
Luthiery, Guitar Setup, Repair & Music Lessons

Roland Canada

 Edmonton, Regina, Saskatoon Guitar Show Exhibitor
Roland Canada is a leading manufacturer of electronic musical instruments, electronic equipment and software including Roland amplifiers, BOSS pedals and Katana and Waza amplifiers.
Website: roland.ca
Facebook: rolandcanada
Instagram: rolandcanada
Phone: 604.270.6626


 Calgary Guitar Show Exhibitor
Kyle Johnson of ScorpiosMelodies is a talented guitar player and teacher at Music Centre Canada on McLeod Trail in Calgary.

Stonehouse Guitars

 Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Saskatoon Guitar Show Exhibitor
In a small workshop near Cochrane, Alberta, a local luthier is producing stunning custom acoustic guitars. With wood sourced from all over the world, intricate inlay work and alluring sound, these guitars are one of a kind.

Stoyko Guitars

 Calgary, Edmonton Guitar Show Exhibitor
St. Albert based luthier building and repairing guitars.

SwampDonkey Amplifiers

 Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Saskatoon Guitar Show Exhibitor
Hand built, all tube guitar amplifiers.SwampDonkey Amplifiers™ are lovingly crafted by hand in the Alberta Foothills using the highest quality components available. Our designs are all-tube with NO digital electronics and NO switching electronics in the critical signal path.

Tone Hungry Effects

 Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Saskatoon Guitar Show Exhibitor
Bringing them gnarly sounds from the past, to the music freaks of today! Built in Calgary Alberta by Juan Ortiz. Small one operation (for now), trying to preach the sonic fuzziness to everyone who will listen. Every pedal built is constructed with the best components that will help reproduce the sound the customer wants.

Tree Picks

 Calgary, Edmonton Guitar Show Exhibitor
Tree Picks makes guitar picks out of wood. We plant a tree for every pick we sell. Why should you use a pick made out of wood? One word - TONE! Wooden picks will give you a different sound. They sound and feel different.

Turner Guitar Studio

 Edmonton Guitar Show Exhibitor
The Turner Guitar Studio is a small music store that carries a lot of merchandise, we have over 300 guitars, plus keyboards, violins, amplifiers, ukuleles, parts, accessories, and so much more. We also offer musical instruction in all styles of Guitar, Bass, Piano, voice, Violin, and banjo.

Winston & Fidel

 Calgary, Edmonton Guitar Show Exhibitor
What started out as a one-off, weekend fun project, has become a building obsession. As a result, the number of cigar box guitars has increased to the point where I cannot keep them all. I can’t stop building them either. The silly thing is that I don’t play, I just love to create them.